Liquid Force Meter Wakeskate 42in (2016)

Liquid Force Meter Wakeskate 42in (2016)

Liquid Force Meter Wake SkateThe METER shape has become a fan favorite for many boat riders due to its wake friendly features. The Vented Channel Bottom, 3 Stage Rocker, well balance weight, and Single Concave make it the perfect ride for behind the boat If you’re ready to perform, the foam top METER comes ready to rock any boat wake that comes its way Rider level: Intermediate to Advanced Composition: Composite Deck Surface: Machined EVA Rocker Type: Progressive 3Stage Fin Set up: Signal Series: Standard with (2) 1.0 Skate finsProgressive 3 Stage Rocker Aggressive 3 stage rocker combined with a continuous rocker. This rocker profile allows the board to stay under your feet as you edge or leave the wake.Single concave with Vented Channel bottom The Progressive 3 Stage rocker is complimented with a single concave throughout the board, at the nose and tail a vented channel that helps the board track even truer, with a fin or without.Composite Construction We have worked hard to create a composite board that rides like a wood deck. Great return on ollies with responsiveness of a wood deck when being ridden.Variable Rail Edge The rails of the board are softer in the middle and crisp at the tip and tail. This allows for a board that is forgiving, but tracks when placed on edge.1.0 Skate Fin Comes standard with two skate fins.

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Price: $ 249.99