Hyperlite Baseline Wakeboard

Hyperlite Baseline Wakeboard

Pure and Simple, the Baseline is a product of Shaun Murray’s life on the water, an easy to ride shape helping you build a solid Wakeboard Foundation. Advancing your skills in Wakeboarding requires a solid foundation, Hyperlite introduces the Baseline. Take it from Murray and Nelson, the best foundation comes from a user friendly shape, easy to ride, forgiving and fun. Together, our legendary duo has poured their knowledge into the new Baseline, a shape that will follow your moves while providing a huge pop off? the wake and super solid landings. The wider profile and continuous rocker deliver these ride characteristics. Multiple fin settings offer different release points from the wake, set them nearer the tail holds you through the wake, set them inside for an earlier release. Build a better foundation with the Baseline. * Wider Profile * Dual Fin Positioning * Variable Edge Design * Continuous Rocker * Single Tunnel with Complete Exit * Reduced Tip & Tail ? ickness * Monocoque Construction * Layered Glass * M6 Inserts * Fins: 4 .8 inch P-Wings * Shaped By: Nelson / Murray Co-Lab

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Price: $ 149.95